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Gail Eisen

Gail Eisen was a journalist at Time Magazine and CBS News for over 35 years. After researching and reporting medical news at Time, she moved to CBS News, where she produced segments for 60 Minutes. She also had other assignments including Walter Cronkite’s Universe and the CBS Morning News.

Gail discovered Pilates in 1971 and worked primarily with Romana Kryzanowska, who was considered to be the most prominent teacher in the Pilates world. She also had the opportunity to meet and study with other longtime pupils of Joe Pilates: Bruce King, Ron Fletcher, Fletcher, Eve Gentry and Kathy Grant.

Gail’s early devotion to the Pilates Method was featured in a Time Magazine cover story and in the New York Daily News. She has practiced Pilates regularly since 1971.

Gail retired from CBS News in 2000 and is now a classical music pianist and has been improving her photography skills at workshops in India, Morocco and Kenya.